Why MubasherTrade

Deep Insights
Powerful Analytics

Mubasher understands what our institutional, professional investors and private clients require to implement their investment strategies for maximum opportunity

What we offer

  • The only multi-market, multi-asset access covering the entire MENA region
  • 50+ equity markets across 31 Countries
  • The most powerful platform for analysis and trading into and out of MENA
  • Proven reliability with the longest track record in the region and fully licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain and the UAE’s Securities and Commodities Authority
  • Technology and innovation are in our DNA
  • Single-login and single-counterparty access to dozens of MENA and international markets
  • Professional and experienced relationship managers
  • Trading desk and service support 24/6
  • Competitive pricing, fees and spreads
  • Large analyst department that generates a wide range of general and bespoke reports
  • Straight-Through Processing
  • Network interoperability with FIX API and order network VPNs

Powerful Content

Our origins in Technology and market data services are reflected in the powerful capabilities of our information and trading platforms. Built from the ground up to serve regional markets, Mubasher Dealer Terminal (DT) and our rich internet application give access to advanced market data, analytics and trading options for regional and international markets

Track Record of Performance

A subsidiary of NTG, the leading Saudi Information Technology Group, Mubasher began operations in 1999 as a service providing reliable live-pricing information on equities trading on the Saudi Tadawul and other regional exchanges. In 2002, it began providing connectivity and trading platforms for stock exchange members to execute their customers’ orders. In 2005, the firm launched the first online brokerage service in the UAE under the name DBFS.

established as a Category 2 investment company regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. In the same year, Mubasher’s regional institutional trading desk was launched, as did Mubasher’s regional online trading platform for individual clients, which allowed for trading across multiple markets on a single screen. In 2007, Mubasher opened its Egypt operations.

In 2008, Mubasher opened its network, allowing foreign institutions to execute trades across the region and expanded its market coverage to all MENA markets. In 2010 Mubasher launched DuTrade, an online multi-market funds, equities and derivatives trading platform that was accessible through an integrated trading account

Customizable Solutions

Our clients enjoy live pricing, world-class charting options and customizability that allow them to monitor markets across the region on one screen. Clients also can immediately act on that information with a wide range of advanced order options at your fingertips, from algorithm and iceberg orders to bracket and good-till-date orders

A Trusted Partner

Some of the largest and most influential regional and international institutional investors are among the more than 125 institutional clients that rely on our professionalism and reliability to execute all types of orders. Through one broker and one account, they can access all MENA markets and many US, European, African and Asian markets. They know that our knowledgeable trading desk and relationship managers can help execute even the largest and most complex regional trades.

Our MENA-wide network provides exceptional regional expertise and relationship opportunities, while the 20+ member Mubasher Research Department provides company and market insights and technical analysis that our clients use in their investment decision-making.

With an experienced back-office operations team working with the latest technologies on the most robust infrastructure, we help clients minimize all types of execution risks, while providing the full range of back-office services. We also offer Global Trading Network (GTN) Franchise Solution to brokerages that give their clients access to all the benefits of the Mubasher platform

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