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Welcome to Mubasher Financial Services BSC

A successful, top-tier brokerage business embodies a flawless combination of technology, service, performance and relationship management. In doing so, the brokerage gives its clients the ability to execute their investment strategies as required. These twin pillars -- technology and relationships – are defining characteristics of our industry and make it such an exciting and fulfilling business.

When you add the rapid, non-stop pace of change affecting investment practices globally, you see an industry where pioneers stand out.

At Mubasher Financial Services, we know that regional and global investors are increasingly cross-border in their outlook, with local clients looking to access US, European, Asian and frontier markets, while

global clients want exposure to our Regional emerging and frontier markets.
At the same time, technology is transforming the way we trade and the way we access, manage and process information. Speed -- in all areas of the business -- is essential, while “fast” is being defined in increasingly minute increments of time.

And yet, service delivery and the human touch remains as central to the business as it ever was, and relationships – even in the face of astonishingly powerful technology – are still at the heart of it all.

Mubasher Financial Services is at the forefront of these changes and reflects what a brokerage firm of tomorrow must be. Our origins are in Saudi Arabia’s technology sector. And this heritage means two fundamental things: innovation is built into our DNA, and we are a Saudi and Arab company that understands the enduring value of relationships.

For clients, this means we provide the most powerful and sophisticated brokerage platform of the region, while we also offer the highest levels of service, relationship management and professional expertise.

With that introduction into how we see our business and industry, welcome to Mubasher Financial Services. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship.

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