Institutional Services

MFS is a leading regional broker for ME markets allowing Institutions to have access to its State of the Art platform to trade either for their own account or for multiple customer accounts.

MFS empowers an Institution by providing Trading, Position keeping, reporting, Account opening, clearing , funding, Settlement, Corporate actions making it the ideal brokerage partner for any Institution who wishes to trade across the region.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Single Counterparty to deal across all markets
  • Competitive Rates
  • Direct Market Access to all exchanges that permit it
  • Customized trading Algorithms
  • Dealing desk, to support and work sensitive orders for you targeting all the major execution benchmarks i.e. VWAP, Percentage Volume, Arrival Price
  • Sales Trading service which includes morning notes, intraday market color and flow characteristics, third party research and Technical analysis
  • Provision of free state-of-the-art Dealing applications which allow.Traders to deal on own account or for multiple customers. In addition to trading the applications provide Order Management, position keeping, Reporting, Charting both from real-time or historical Data and Risk Management

To provide our clients with this new age financial opportunity, MFS has been instrumental in bringing this opportunity to institutional clients. MFS is uniquely positioned to help investors maximize the potential offered by new markets through financial market knowledge, technical expertise, regional and global standing.

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