What is a GTN Franchise?

Global Trading Network (GTN) Franchise Solution by Mubasher Financial Services is a one-stop shop with latest trading technology, content and data made available to regional and international Financial Institutions. The solution consists of all the products for your customers, dealers and back-office teams. The products will be provided to clients with the list of exchanges selected from the available GTN Markets.

Mubasher has a rich experience in offering its clientele with Franchise Solutions of high standards and efficient trading platforms. The complete platform with market data and trading will be hosted by Mubasher Financial Services, ensuring the client will not incur any cost for hosting or bandwidth.

The platforms will be co-branded with Client and Mubasher branding guidelines subject to exchange regulation on market data dissemination. The White Branding partnership allows you to utilize Mubasher’s technology infrastructure and trade execution while maintaining and growing your own brand identity. As a low-cost turnkey solution, the Franchise solution is an ideal way to profitably grow your online trading business.

Mubasher’s Franchise solution for Financial Institutions is based on a holistic approach that supports clients’ needs across the entire business value chain. The award-winning platforms form the foundation for the offering and are supplemented by a wide range of asset classes, value-adding tools and services.

Our solution has a number of benefits for its clients and their customers including but not limited to the following.

  • Fast time to load and trade in markets
  • Minimum upfront investment
  • Potential to generate additional revenues
  • Ability to differentiate in a competitive market
  • Single platform to trade multiple markets
  • Ability to reduce the single market dependency for revenues
  • The client will not have to be a data vendor nor have to pay fixed exchange fees for any market (unless exclusively required by an exchange)
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