Notification Management

Mubasher Financial Services (MFS) has a robust and a secure notification management system. It is designed to send trading, and profile related alerts to the customers. Notifications are sent as SMSs and Emails. The details of each channel are given below.


Email notifications will be sent after the customer performs actions from his account. These notifications will be branded with client’s logo and shall be configured as per client’s guidelines that will be available under the list of parameters set by MubasherTrade Order Management System (OMS). The emails can be sent in English or Arabic language as per the customer’s preference.

  • Cash & Holdings Statement email
  • Profile update accept / reject email
  • Account registration accept / reject email
  • Subscription package renewal reminder email
  • Trade Confirmation
  • User credential email
  • Package upgrade/downgrade request accept/ reject email


MubasherTrade systems are also configured to send SMS notifications when a customer performs an activity in the application. The format of these messages will be as per the client’s requirements. SMS’s can be sent in English or Arabic languages based on the language preference in customer trading account.

Below are some of the SMS types to be sent to your customers.

  • One Time Password (OTP)
  • Trade Confirmation
  • Customer Registration Request Approve / Reject
  • Acknowledge customer cash deposit
  • Customer Profile Update Approve / Reject
  • Exchange Upgrade/Downgrade Request Approve/Reject
  • Acknowledge Customer Registration Request

* One-Time-Password (OTP) is an enhanced feature offered by MFS that ensures secure Trading. The customer will receive the OTP every time they log in to the application.

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