Network Management

Below diagram gives logical view of the MFS Network. It depicts the connection flow within our clients, data centers, dealer workstations, broker networks and the exchanges.

The network connection between the two parties will be over VPN (or a leased line) for Admin Terminal and over the Internet (SSL) for Web Applications and Dealer Terminal.

Some details of the connection types are given in the below table. For further assistance, the client will be directed to the MFS network team.

Connection Type Description
VPN Mubasher supports a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel from the client's data center directly to one of MFS's Data Centers. A VPN provides a secure method of connecting over the public Internet without the need to maintain a dedicated leased line.
Dedicated Line Client pays for a Leased line that connects directly to MFS's Data Center, which is located in UAE. A dedicated lease line connects users directly into the MFS system and facilitates a quicker and more secure and reliable connection than a VPN.
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